Late May Visit to Reifel - A Great Egret!

I’m still way behind on posts, so this one will be mostly pictures and not a lot of words. Justine and I headed over to Refeil for a wander. We had a great day, seeing many new species (for us), including one that isn’t even supposed to be here - a Great Egret!

One of the highlights was that the sandhill cranes were nesting. One of the females had taken over the little island in the middle of one of the ponds.

The highlight of the day was the Great Egret, a bird that isn’t even supposed to be this far north. They generally get as far as southern Oregon, so it’s unclear what led it this far astray. Still, it gave us a chance to see one. Large bird, but beautiful - sorry for the photo overload.

Coming in for a landing.

The Great Egret is the symbol of the National Audubon Society. And of course it wouldn’t be a day at Reifel without hummingbirds!