Warren Cartwright is a wildlife, landscape, and nature photographer living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He has a passion for exploring the world and sharing the amazing places he finds.

Warren Cartwright. Nature Photographer. Product Manager. Author. Fan of Technology. Not necessarily in that order.

Warren Cartwright is a photographer and author living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. While photography and travel are my passions in life, my work focuses on technology product management.

I have been fortunate to have travelled much of the globe, but keep getting drawn back to South Africa and its amazing game parks and incredible people. From my first experience in 2001, South Africa sparked my love of wildlife photography and opened my eyes to the amazing experiences the world has to offer.

From these experiences came the inspiration for my first e-book, Self-Guided Safaris in Kruger National Park. Details on the book can be found at www.selfdrivekruger.com.