As a photographer, my focus is on wildlife, landscape and cityscapes. I have a couple of other web sites where you can see my work in detail and explore some of my creations. I try to share my work online as much as I can, primarily through 500px and Google+. I will upload some pics to FaceBook every once in a while, but I'm not a fan of their terms of service so it tends to be links into other sites rather then direct uploads. 


I have moved all of my galleries from another site, into this one. Hopefully it will be easier to find everything, all in one place.


Commissions and Assignments

 I specialize in wildlife, landscape and travel photography. Situated in Vancouver, I have extensive experience working in South Africa, having traveled and photographed at locations throughout the country. I am ideally experienced to undertake photography commissions and assignments. I have worked in countries as diverse as Morocco, Fiji, South Africa, the Middle East, Australia and Asia.

Having extensive experience within Kruger National Park in South Africa,  I am available to organize tours and do photography workshops for safaris in the park.

With all of my work, I appreciate any feedback and constructive criticism that you might have to offer.