Ospreys in Charlotte

I have been on the road for over three weeks now, starting in late May. I had a trip to Charlotte NC, and then from there it was off to France for a week and a half. The, immediately on getting back I had a long-planned golf trip with some friends to the Okanagan. So I have a lot to catch up on, a few photos to process, and some blogs to write. With Mom and Dad coming to visit later this week, I doubt I’m going to get caught up any time soon!

The first part of the trip was a series of customer and partner visits in North Carolina. I was in the Raleigh/Charlotte area for almost the full week. There’s not a lot to share from that trip, with a couple of exceptions. The first was the osprey nest at the customer site. It was smoking hot that day, and I think the osprey must have had egg(s) that she was looking after. She never left the nest, and spent most of the time with her wings out, like she was shading the nest from the sun. And she was very unhappy if you walked near the pole, even as far up as she was.

Later that week, I went to visit one of our partners to get their feedback on some new product ideas. It was my first visit to their new office, and I have to say, it might be the coolest “office” I have ever been in!

The bar, inside the office, with half a dozen local beers on tap!

brian has done an amazing job with the place, and I can see why his people are so loyal and willing to work as hard as they do. Just a great set-up!

The “meeting room”.

From Charlotte it was off to France where I had almost two full weeks in and around Toulouse. I ended up traveling a bit on the weekends, so I’ll add some posts about those little adventures soon.