Vancouver Sunsets - Bit of a Catch-up Post

It’s been a bit of a busy stretch and I’m trying to work through a backlog of old posts and photos. Justine and I have been good about getting out for walks after dinner, and at the end of May we had a great sunset night. Not much of a post, but lots of photos.

It's been a fabulous spring for flowers around the city.

We headed out for our after-dinner walk, and noted that the light was really nice. There were lots of clouds off to the west, so it seemed like there might be a nice sunset. So rather than walking east as we normally do, we headed west out towards Kits Beach. There were lots of great flowers out, making for great subjects.

The light over the city was really nice, as we made our way west towards the beach.

We ended up hanging out at the beach for a while, as the sun set below the mountains on Vancouver Island. The light changed so many times over the course of half an hour - it was super-interesting to watch.

As walked back through the park, the moon made a quick appearance, peaking out from behind the clouds.

We had thought the sunset was done, but as we made our way along the path towards home, there was one final burst of colour over the little marina.

A nice look back at Granville Island. You get a different perspective on our funky new building. We had just about lost all of the colour from the sunset.

I haven't taken this pitcure in a while...