Urban Beavers

Justine and I have been trying to go out for a walk most evenings after dinner. The weather's been beautiful, and it's nice to get out. Tonight night we walked over to Olympic Village, one our favourite parts of the city. Heading out, the light was really nice.

Boats in the marina; our new, funky building is starting to take shape.

Along the seawall, there's a little park that has a small pond. There's often different birds in the water, and tonight we lucked out with a blue heron.

Just before you get to Olympic Village, there's a small stream that enters out into False Creek. When they rebuilt the area after the condo developments were completed, they build a nice park and rehabilitated the stream. Quite surprisingly, about 3 years ago a beaver moved into the stream and built a lodge. Wiped out quite a lot of the surrounding trees before the city realized it and wrapped the ones that were left with wire. 

A rare view of one of the beavers out of the water.

The year before last, the beaver found a mate, as we ended up with a whole little family. We think most of the young ones must have moved on, and this year we have a one new one (I think it's this year...). Anyway, tonight, we got to see the whole family!

Urban Beavers - 13.jpg