A Day of Skiing at Mount Baker

Monday was Family Day in BC. Justine had to fly out to Atlanta so after dropping her off I headed south to Mount Baker for a day of skiing. I was there plenty early, and was able to relax before the lifts were scheduled to open. I say scheduled, because at 9:00 the lift up from the main lodge was still not running. Seems they were having mechanical issues (the lift didn't end up running all day...) so we had walk over to another spot where you could access the trails and get to a different set of lifts.

It was a perfect blue sky day.

Sadly, there had been no snow for a while, so it was going to be a day of groomers. But as it was also very cold, things were a bit icy. I ended up only skiing the morning as the conditions weren't really that good. Still, it was a fun day.