Winter in Vancouver

I know, I know. Posts have been few and far between over the past few months. I know it's a poor excuse, but work has been crazy busy, and well, it's been raining a lot. As spring feels like it's right around the corner, I hope that will change.

Sunset from the roof top

So this isn't much of a post, but I had a few random photos to throw up. While it has been raining a lot, there have been a few nice days, and there's been some nice sunset. I snapped a couple of pics from the roof, while doing an inspection on how badly the deck was being destroyed by the rain (not too badly actually).

Cool clouds

Earlier this month, Aunt Robin and Uncle Dave stopped in Vancouver on their way to Hawaii. They had most of the day as a layover, so we had a chance to catch up and hand out. I took them down to Steveston, since we were close, and we had lunch and strolled about. It's a cool little spot and they seemed to enjoy themselves. While we were there, we saw some sea lions swimming about, amongst the boats. Very cool -  I've not seen them there before, but from the signs I understand they're regular visitors in the winter.

A pretty big sea lion, in Steveston.

It was nice to see them and catch up, even if it was just for a few hours. We did a bit of a driving tour around Vancouver after lunch, and then it was time to get them back for their flight to Hawaii. I was jealous...