Short Trip to Seattle

I have been having a hard time getting to blog updates. Work has been insane, and I have had a ton of stuff to do around the house as well. As a result, I haven't been able to have a look at my photos from Asia, or any from Las Vegas. Hopefully this weekend will give me a little bit of time.

This week, I had a meeting in Seattle with a prospective customer. The meeting was Friday morning, so I drove down on Thursday to avoid traffic and take the risk out of getting to the meeting on time.

As I had the night to myself, I looked for some things to do, and discovered that there was a University of Washington Huskies men's basketball game on. So I grabbed a ticket and planned to head to the game.

Before I left for the game, I went for a quick run. My hotel was right downtown at the edge of Lake Union, so I ran along the lake shore. It was just a quick run, but it was a nice day and I enjoyed it a lot.


Traffic was a bit of an issue so I arrived pretty much as the game was starting. I grabbed a hot dog and made my way up to my seats. I went for the cheap seats, and soon discovered I was pretty much at the top of the stadium. As you can see from the pic, I was above the rafters. Still, it was fine and I settled in for the game.

Which wasn't very good. UW isn't a good team this year, and they weren't having a good game. They were down 30-17 at half time. The game was really sloppy by both teams.

The second half started much better. The tempo was improved and both teams were scoring. The Huskies closed the gap to 6 points at one point. But the lead was too much, and they lost by a pretty wide margin. It was fun.