An Amazing Fall Weekend and a Trip to Refiel

We had an amazing summer here in Vancouver this year, and after a bit of a rough start, fall has turned out to be pretty spectacular as well. The great weather, has, for the most part stayed with us the whole time. This weekend was no exception, and as i have only a short time home between work trips, we wanted to make the most of the nice weather. So SUnday afternoon, we drove down to Delta to stop and see what was going on at Reifel, and to make a stop at the farms down that way. 


Summer and early fall are actually the slowest times at the bird sanctuary. Often you will have days where there just isn't much that interesting to see. This trip was one of those days. There were a ton of sandhill cranes around, but other than that it was the usual selection of mallards, red-winged blackbird and other small songbirds. There were snow geese around, but they were way out on the end of the ocean, and while you could hear them, and see them fly overhead once in a while, there were no close up views of the beautiful birds. 

The sow geese were out on the edge of the ocean, pretty far out. You could hear them, but not see them very well.

After wandering around Reifel for a while, we headed over to our favourite farm, and did some shopping for veggies. We bought a couple of pumpkins, as well as some other fresh, local veggies. We also wandered out to the pumpkin patch to have a look - there were tons of pumpkins out there. 

The pumpkin patch, with Mount Baker in the background.

Artichokes make for excellent subject once the flower.

Artichokes make for excellent subject once the flower.

After doing our bit of shopping, we headed back home to enjoy the evening on our new roof deck. I set-up my camera and took a few shots as the light turned nice and the sun started to set. Our new patio heater came in handy, as we enjoyed a glass of wine and watched the sun set.