Norvan Falls

The weather is finally starting to get a little nicer here in Vancouver - maybe spring has finally arrived? To take advantage, Bill and I went out for an early season hike on Saturday morning. The snow level is still quite low for this time of year, so our options were somewhat limited. We chose to do a fairly easy loop up in Lynn Canyon, out to Norvan Falls and back. It’s about 11 km round trip, and we ended up with a very nice morning for the hike.

Norvan Falls

The whole of the North Shore was completely logged in the last century, and there are quite a few remnants of the logging camps scattered throughout the Lynn Canyon area. Part way through our hike, we can across an old metal pail, hung on a log, so I stopped t take a few pictures. 

Old bucket

The rest of the hike up to the falls was relatively uneventful. The trails are pretty wet and muddy this time of year, and you have to be a bit careful in places where the spring runoff creates seasonal streams across the path. Nothing major, andit makes for an enjoyable hike. 

Old growth forest remnants.

We got to Norvan Falls around 11:30, and I set-up to get a few shots of the falls. The light was still pretty good for doing long exposures - maybe a little too much light, but generally not bad. I spent a bit of time clambering around the river bed looking for a good angle on the falls, and got a couple of good shots. 

The hike back as pretty easy - mostly down hill and we took the flatter route back. The trails got quite busy, which made me glad that we got off to a relatively early start.