A couple of random things

Admittedly, I have a pretty large backlog of material I need to post here, and I will get to that shorty. I had a couple of small, random things that I wanted to share, so thought I would post those quickly while I had a couple of minutes on this rain holiday Monday.

We're in a Commercial

Well, our home is going to be anyway. We got a notice earlier this week that Nissan was going to be filming a commercial on our street, using our building as a backdrop for the shot. They had three Nissan vehicles parked out front our place all day yesterday (I was off hiking so missed almost all of it), but one was a new X-Trail (which I thought they had stopped making). Not sure how the commercial will work, but they had some kid riding a skateboard down our very steep hill as part of the shot. It was pretty funny - there were 5 guys with a big crash pad at the bottom of the hill that the skateboarder runs into to help him stop.

Between shots, they sent this water truck down the road, washing everything down. No idea why.

Another plug for Waterlogue

I know I've mentioned this great iPhone app a couple of times, but I wanted to post another pic made from it. The app takes a regular photo, then turns it into a water colour scene. Mid last week, we had an small conference at the office, and as part of the conference we had an evening event out at the Museum of Anthropology at UBC. The weather was amazing, and there was a great sunset. 

The original photo...