Justine's First Trip to the PNE

I'm still catching up on old photos from earlier this year. This one covers another old post, and has a few photos from August, when we took Addison and Ethan to the PNE.

For those from back east, the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) is Vancouver's version of the CNE. Not quite as big, and maybe more of a focus on rides (the Playland theme park runs more of the year than the PNE itself). Justine had never been - I had only been once in the almost two decades I've been living here - so it was fun to take the kids and have a good day out. 

It was Canada 150 day, so if you wore red you got in for a much cheaper price. It meant the place was packed, but we still managed to ride lots of rides, play a bunch of games, have some (bad) fun food, and generally have an amazing day. This post doesn't do the day justice, a couple of months later, but what can you do? We had a great time, kept the kids up way past their bed times, and hope to do it again.