Whistler Beer Festival

Another slightly older post that I didn't get to at the time. I'm getting close to closing up on the backlog, and hopefully will do that before the end of the month.

We spent the weekend of September 15/16/17 in Whistler, for the Whistler Beer Festival. We had not been to the event before, and it had always seemed fun. Plus we had not been up hiking yet, and wanted to do at least one trip around the High Note Trail for the year.

We drove up Friday evening, getting up to Whistler for the early evening. We hung out in the Village, wandered about and had a nice evening out. We ended up at a new (for us) pub near the hotel at the base of Blackcomb - it might be my new favorite spot in Whistler for an end of the evening drink. Lots of locals, good selection and a cool little place.

We were up relatively early on Saturday, so we could hike the High Note Trail. Our tickets for the Beer Festival were good from noon until close at 5:00, and as the hike takes close to 4 hours, it was going to be tight. Especially after we discovered that the gondola didn't open until 10:00, and the Peak Chair even later than that. In the interest of time, we decided to do the hike backwards, meaning we could start right away, and take the chair back down at the end.

After the hike we rushed back to the hotel, got cleaned up and headed down to the Village. While we were a bit late, we managed to catch the last few hours of the beer festival. It was really busy, with something like 80 different breweries represented. We got our tasting glass and sample tokens (and of course needed to buy more...) and hit up quite a few of them. We focused on the ones we generally hadn't been to before, plus some old favorites. It was good fun, and there were lots of different beer to try.

After the beer festival we went for happy hour and had oysters, then spent another relaxing evening in the Village, once again wrapping up the night at our new local bar. It was a full day, and a fun one.

Sunday was a short day as we needed to get back to the city. We had breakfast, then wandered the Framer's Market for a while, an picked up some veggies to take home. It was an excellent weekend all around.