Vancouver Winter Wonderland

I know I haven't finished off our big trip yet, but I took a break from photos of the sunny middle east to share our wintery weekend.

This past weekend was an unusual one for Vancouver - we got snowed on! I wa sin Florida about a week before when we had also had a small dumping, and I had thought I had missed the snowfall for the year. I was mistaken, as this weekend we got more snow than I think we've had in all the years I've lived here. Sunday, we had a fun day out in the snow.

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Island Time

Over the Canada Day weekend, we were invited to go to Vancouver Island, and hang out with our friends Alex and Fergus, at Alex's parents place near Sydney (close to Victoria). We've visited with them a number of times in the past, and it's always a fun time, with lots of relaxing. We needed it, and we were looking forward to a fun weekend.

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