Hiking the High Note Trail at Whistler

Earlier this year we did a hike in the snow on Whistler mountain. It wasn't the hike that we wanted to do, but that day we also turned our Edge Cards into a season pass for hiking at Whistler. It was only an extra $15 so it seemed worth while. So we decided to head up this Sunday and do the hike we wanted - the High Note Trail. We've done this hike before, and it's a wildflower bonanza in the summer!

There wasn't a lot to see from the top...

Sadly, the weather wasn't very nice when we arrived. Clouds had socked in the top, and it was actually pretty cold. Still, we decided to press on and do the hike. It ended up being worth it, even if we were stuck in the clouds most of the day. 

I'm going to do this post a little differently, and just add some notes to the photos. Curious to see how it works.