The Start to a Busy Week of Work in Europe

So after a fun weekend in Aix-en-Provence (more on that to come...), and a nice relaxing train trip up to Paris, it was back to the real world. While I had hoped that maybe I would be able to see a bit of Paris, that (as I suspected), didn't really work out. 

It was about 9:30 by the time I had arrived at the hotel, after taking a taxi from the Gare de Lyon train station. I had really hoped that I might be able to head into central Paris and maybe do some night photography, but I was dead tired, and where the hotel was, it was not conducive to the travel into the city at night. So I gave up, did a bit of work at the hotel and called it a night. Next time - hopefully I'll be back to Paris again soon.

Monday morning I got up early, and went for a run. There was an island in the river, a block or two from the hotel that looked like it had a park on it. It did, and it ended up being the perfect size for a half hour run. I'm still getting back into it after the half marathon, and I had promised myself that this trip would be the transition back to more regular exercise. We'll see if I continue it in Munich...

An interesting and massive sculpture in the park, when I was out for my run in Paris.

After my run, I got myself organized and checked out. The office was about a block from the hotel, so that part was easy. I met with Daniele, and we had a full day of meetings and work. It was a productive day. Around 3:00 I had to leave, and take the train to the airport for my 5:45 flight. My timing ended up being just about perfect, as I had only a half hour or so to kill, before my flight was boarding.

The flight itself was pretty uneventful - a couple of hours from Paris to Munich.