A Couple of Days in Munich

My hotel was ... uniquely... decorated

After spending the day in Paris, it was off to Munich for a couple of days of meetings with customers and partners. The airport is quite a ways outside the city center, so I took the train into town. My hotel was only a couple of blocks from the central station, which made it quite convenient.

The train ride was about half an hour, and it was about 9ish by the time I got to the hotel, unpacked and sorted out some work things. I was starving, and Justine suggested that I go to Hofbrauhaus, the famous beer hall in the old part of Munich. I couldn't originally remember if I had been there the last time, so I grabbed an Uber, who got me close (there were a bunch of streets closed).


Hofbrauhaus, Munich's biggest beer hall, and a very fun place to spend the evening.

Upon wandering in, I definitely remember having been there before! The place is huge, filled with communal tables, and they served the beer in these massive litre glasses. I ordered a beer and enjoyed the people watching.

There were a surprising number of big groups of young Germans, for a Monday night. I eventually got around to ordering some dinner as well -  a couple of sausages, some spätzle, and a pretzel. It was all quite tasty!




Beer and a menu. Now that's a proper glass of beer!

Probably not the healthiest meal I've ever had.

As it was getting late, and I needed to make an early start I headed back to the hotel. I walked back along the Main Street that takes you past all the famous sites of the city - Marienplatz, Frauenkirche - Cathedral of Our Blessed Lady,  and St. Peter's Church, along with walking the main street. Despite the late hour on a Monday, it was still pretty busy. I took a few pics with my phone, but didn't have the energy to go all the way back for my camera.

Marienplatz, on an evening stroll.

I probably should have gone back for my camera.

Tuesday I got up a bit early and went for a run - two days in a row! I ended up on this huge open space just a few blocks north of my hotel. As I discovered later, this is where they host Oktoberfest. It must be an amazing site, given how huge the area is. Need to check that out one day. The run wasn't great, but I need to get back into it. After my run, I got ready, had some breakfast and took a train to the office. 

One of the sites, while out for a run.

I was meeting Markus, our German sales guy. He had lined up a few meetings for us, and the first one was in the office. It was a good meeting, with a customer that was really interesting. After the meeting, we had lunch and, then took the train out to meet one of our distributors. That meeting was good as well, and ate up the remainder of the afternoon.

As I had a call with North America at 7:00 p.m., Markus and I separated for a bit. I went back to the hotel and did some work until my call, which lasted until about 8:00. After that, Markus and I met for dinner and he took me to this great restaurant. The food was excellent, and I tried both some new German beers, as well as schnapps for desert. We had a good conversation, and even had some German tech celebrity at the table next to us. I obviously had no idea who he was, but Markus seemed impressed.

More sites around Munich, while I was out and about.

On the main drag.

After dinner we walked back to our hotels, and called it a night. It was another early start to the day, and a third run in a row. It was a bit of a rough one, but I got it done. I ran down through the old town this time, for something different. After getting organized and checked out, I dropped my luggage in a locker at the train station, and met Markus for our meetings. We had to take the train for about 30 minutes outside of Munich, where we met with another customer and another of our resellers. The meetings were very good again.

Marienplatz, during the day.

We wrapped up after having lunch with the reseller, and took the train back into the city. I grabbed my luggage, and we hopped back on the train to the airport. As we were a couple of hours early, I grabbed a table at the outdoor (covered) beer garden that sits between the two terminals, and had a couple of beers while getting caught up on some work. Before too long it was time to head into the airport, and on to the plane to London.

A good end to a good visit to Munich.