Fun with the Kiddies in North Van

Once again, I'm way behind on posts. This one was almost a month ago - it's amazing how fast the time goes by. Anyway, Justine and I spent Saturday morning hanging out with Ethan and Addison in North Vancouver. Tammy was away, and so we were able to give Stu a bit of a break to get some work done around the house. 

Our adventure started with a walk up to the "cookie store" a few blocks up from their house. We went through the forest on the trails, with Ethan and Addison pointing out these concrete numbers that were in the ground along the trail. It was a fun walk, and then it was time for a treat.

Ethan and his "not healthy" popsicle.

Addison and her huge popsicle!

Nice faces....

After we all had a treat, we headed across the road and into the forest to do some more exploring. We walked for a little while, and not surprisingly after a while Addison got a bit tired.

Someone got to have a ride when she got tired.

We actually walked for a pretty good distance, for the little guys. We came down the big set of stairs and along the boardwalk near the river. We stopped for a while for Ethan and Addison t toss stones in the river, and generally play around and have a good time. It was a beautiful day, and was lots of fun. Addison has a pretty good arm!

Justine and I had to take off in the early afternoon as we had tickets to the Whitecaps soccer match later that afternoon, but it was fun to get out and spend the morning with the kids.

It was a beautiful day for a soccer match.

It was a beautiful day for a soccer match.