Seoul, South Korea in Photos

Seoul was the second stop on our trip, and was an interesting country to visit. It was really the only one that was in winter (even more so than Japan), and so made the photos a little less interesting. I think I would like to go back and see it again.

One of the gates, near the main palace in Seoul at twilight.

The hotel we were staying at was well situated, in the centre of the city. It was next to this big hill that was mostly park, with great trails winding all around it. There is an observation tower (I didn't go up it) on the top that is a pretty big attraction.

We spent a couple of evenings wandering the street markets. We had some crazy street food, bought some cheap clothing and enjoyed the festive spirit with the locals.

One of the interesting things about Seoul is the mixture of new and old architecture, and how they are mixed together.

The gate at night, in front of some local mountains. It would have been fun to explore outside the city. Next time...

The view from my hotel, at night.