Kuala Lumpur in Photos

The second of my Asia trip posts, with a focus on the photos I took on the trip. This was my second time in KL, and I got to see a lot of things I missed the first time around. Much like the Hong Kong post, I'll put up a series of galleries of my photos.

The Petronas Towers dominate the KL skyline. A view from the park under our hotel.

We spent a fair bit of time in the evenings checking out the crazy night markets around the city. If anything, KL is busier at night than during the day.

While I didn't get to go inside (missed the proper visiting hours), the national mosque in KL is an amazing building, even from the outside.

What might have been my favourite site we visited, the Islamic Art Museum had some amazing pieces to look at. 

No idea what this little guy is, but he was very fast!

After visiting the Art Museum, we spent a couple of hours in the Kuala Lumpur bird park. It was quite cool, and there were lots of very unique birds in the place. It was one big open air aviary, which made taking pictures both better, and more challenging. 

The MOnday was a holiday in Malaysia, and it was also the SuperBowl. So we found an ex-pat bar that was opening at 6:30 a.m., and made our way there for breakfast and the SuperBowl.

Later that day, I took the train out to Batu Caves, a major religious site that was going to be the destination of millions of pilgrims the next day. While spectacular, I wasn't interested in seeing the mass of people that was expected.

The National Mosque of Malaysia - an amazing building.