Last Days in Kuala Lumpur


Monday in KL was actually still Sunday back home, and more importantly SuperBowl Sunday! I had found a pub that was opening at 6:00 am to play the game. Kick off was 7:30 am local time. It was a 20 minute cab ride out to the suburbs, but we found the place and it was open and busy. We were early enough to get a table, and had a great view of the game.

Monday was part of a four-day public holiday in Malaysia, so we had the day off from meetings. Which was good since we were drinking beer with breakfast. The game ended up being great, and the crowd at the bar was split about 50/50, making for a great atmosphere. Good times.

After the game it was back to the hotel to do a bit of work and get organized for Wednesday's meetings. With that sorted we headed back out and spent a few hours at the KL Bird Park. It was quite nice, different from Singapore and better access to the birds that they had.

After the bird Park, Cyprien and I went out separate ways again. While I was resting on Sunday, he went out to Batu Caves. So as it was also something I had wanted to see as well, I headed out on my own to the Caves.

 Batu Caves

Batu Caves

Batu Caves is supposed to be one of the most important sites for the Hindu faith, and this holiday is associated with the site. It's the site of one of the biggest pilgrimages on the planet, and tomorrow a few million people are supposed to make their way to the Caves. I'm glad we're missing that.

Still, the Caves are impressive, with a huge gold statue out front. The complete commercialism at the site was a bit much for my taste. I'm glad I saw it but I don't need to go back. After the Caves it was a short train ride back to the city, and a cab ride to the hotel.

I was really hot at that point, and decided a swim in the pool was in order. I swam for a little more than half an hour, which was good. The pool is on the top of the building, and has an amazing 369 degree view. After my swim we grabbed some dinner and then I went back to the hotel to get some work done.

Tuesday was still an official holiday in Malaysia, but our partner was kind enough to agree to meet with us, and we did a full day of training with their team. It was a good session and we got a lot accomplished. That evening I went for a run on the treadmill in the gym. We went out for dinner and checked out the Central Market, which was really just a collection of antiques and tourist crap. Not very exciting. Then it was back to the hotel to work and an early night.


Wednesday was our last day, and we had two meetings before we had to head to the airport for a late flight to Jakarta. Our first meeting was with MRSA, the Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency. Gee had thought that we had left enough time to cover the short drive, but we seriously under estimated KL traffic. We were a bit late once we found the place, and had a good series of meetings with a large group of users.

After the meeting, which ran way long, we had to rush back to the hotel for our afternoon meeting with a prospective partner. This one was a bit less formal, and we had another good discussion.

Our flight was not until 10 pm, so even with an hour long drive to the airport, we had some time to kill. We headed back over to the mall and had some dinner and enjoyed the AC. Once it was time to go we hopped in a cab and headed to the airport for the last leg of the trip to Jakarta Indonesia.