Return to Mount Baker

I was so impressed with Mount Baker, that the following weekend I decided to o back and spend a weekend, trying to get some pictures. Justine had planned a girls weekend over on Vancouver Island, so I was solo. I decided not to plan much, and try and leave a bit early on Friday, and head down to try and get a campsite. As with everything else that weekend, it didn't really work out.

All day Friday at work I was feeling a bit off, but didn't think much of it. I did manage to get off a bit early, but with the boarder being quite busy, I wasn't down to Mount Baker until about 6 pm. I hit both campgrounds, but they were both full already. So I grabbed a room at this little lodge at the base of the mountain, headed back into town to get supplies for the weekend, and got gas. I was starting to feel a bit rough, but figured it would pass, and so I headed up the mountain to try and get some sunset pictures.

The small lake at the Mount Baker ski resort, as the sun started to set.

I drove back down in the dark, starting to feel progressively more and more sick. I went to bed almost immediately, and spent a whole night fighting through a fever, stomach pains and generally feeling like hell. Before heading to sleep I found out that Addison had some flu, and that Tammy and Justine were both feeling much the same way I was, and had cancelled their trip.    

I woke up about 4:30 am to try and get some sunrise pictures. Initially, I felt a little bit better and was encouraged. I drove to the top and watched the sun come up, but every little bit of exertion made me feel quite weak. 

The first rays of the sun light up the sky around the peak of Mount Baker.

The early morning sun lighting up Mount Baker.

The early morning sun lighting up Mount Baker.

The drive back down the mountain left me feeling awful, and I barely made it back to the lodge. I went back to bed, and slept until check-out time, then packed up the truck and drove home. It was a rough drive, and I spent the rest of the weekend pretty much on the couch.