Condo for Sale - Sold!

Update: we've managed to sell the place, so that worry is no longer hanging over us.

With our new place starting to get to a point of completion, it's time to say goodbye to my current home of the last 7 years, and put our condo on the market. It's a large, one bedroom plus den condo, located steps from the seawall and less than a five minute walk from Granville Island. If Justine and I didn't need a bit more space, I could have seen us staying here for a long time.

As most of you know, we're staying in the neighbourhood when we move to our new place. This area is amazing, and I will miss a lot about the current place. A lot of things will be similar, but maybe not quite as easy - being literally steps from the seawall and Go Fish (definitely the best fish and chips in town); being able to walk out and over to Granville Island for lunch on a sunny Sunday; easy access to 4th Ave. -  the list goes on. 

I took the following photos about a week ago, and thought I would share here on the blog, in case any of you know anyone in Vancouver that's looking for a new home. Here's the link to the MLS listing. If anyone has any questions, obviously we're happy to answer them.