The Flora and Fauna of Maui

Throughout the trip to Maui we were continually impressed by the interesting birds and beautiful flowers on the island. So I thought I'd do a post where I pulled together just the good shots of (primarily) birds and flowers around the island.

Probably my favourite little bird on the island, these red-crested cardinals were quite common. They very much liked our hotel, and were around every morning at breakfast to steal crumbs from the tables.

We saw this black-crowned night heron a few times over the week. One morning he was quite content to hang out in the koi pond.

OUtside the restaurant we had breakfast at, there was a large koi pond with lots of pretty big koi in it. They were used to being fed by people, and any time you walked close to the pond, they'd come looking for a handout.

Cattle egret are also quite common. There was a tree a few hundred yards from our hotel that we could see from our room that was the night roost for dozens of the white birds.

The other bird that was quite common, but also quite a surprise was the Northern Cardinal. While I'm used to seeing these in North America, it was a bit odd to see them in the tropic. I believe they were introduced.

Plumera's are Justine's favourite flowers, and there are both white and pink varieties on the island.