Maui Snorkelling Pics

Over the course of our week in Maui, we probably did more snorkelling than anything else. OUr beach at the hotel was a great sot, and we also went back to a bunch of other great spots over the course of the trip.

By this point, I'm having a hard time remembering which photos were taken at particular spots, so I thought I would take the easy way out and just put up a bunch of pictures from the trip in a single post.

A close up of one of the many sea turtles we saw over the course of the week.

The cleaning station. One of the reasons so many turtles end up in this area is that the reef fish act as cleaning stations, picking algae and parasites off the turtle's shell.

The rectangular triggerfish is Hawaii's state fish.

This little zebra moray eel was one of the highlights of our snorkelling trips.