Our Wedding

As you may or may not have heard by now, Justine and I went to Maui and got married on the beach at Kapalua Bay. It was a very simple ceremony; just the two of us. After having some wedding plans fall through, we decided that we wanted to get married, and didn’t have the time or resources to put a full blown wedding together. 

We have some professional wedding pictures coming (it’s going to take a while), but the day of the wedding Justine and I went down to the beach a bit ahead of time, and did some of our own pictures. I’ll post photos here, as well as on my main site, for anyone who wants to order some prints or download the photos.

We spent five days in Maui, and had lots of adventures, so I’ll do a series of posts about our trip and share some more pictures. I know many of you will be disappointed in not having been part of the big day, but hope that you’ll understand our choice and be happy for us. We plan to organize a couple of celebratory events in Toronto and Vancouver, so we can celebrate with family and friends.