Office Renovation

One of the projects I decided to tackle while I am off work is to reno our office. As you can see from the “before photos, it was a bit of disaster. I had set it up originally when it was just me, and as such there had never really been any place for Justine. It was overflowing, disorganized and needed an overhaul.


The "before" disaster.

Storage and desk space were the two big needs. So we went with wall mounted shelves, and two new desks that pretty much filled the space. We added two small, rolling filing cabinets, and new lighting under the cabinets. I’m pretty pleased with the results - it makes the space much more usable!

And the final results!

I think that’s my last major project for a while - bathroom is done; front hallway is repainted, and now the office is done. Until we tackle the kitchen, I think that’s it for now.