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We were scheduled for another amazing weekend, so Justine and I decided to spend an afternoon with the birds. The afternoon was amazing, and we made a stop at the vegetable farm on the island on the way there. The farm sets up a very cool display in the fall, as they have a pretty big pumpkin patch, and they have tons of flowers, and a great set-up for the kids.

They grow a lot of flowers on the farm, and this time of year there are tons in bloom.

They had a huge section of the gardens planted with sunflowers, which were in full bloom. 

A new one for me were the artichokes. There were rows of them, and I had never seen how hey grow. They are pretty big plants.

And this is what an artichoke looks like when it flowers.

More sunflowers

Pumpkins and falls flowers make for great displays.

Flowers, pumpkins and old buckets; a perfect look for the fall season.

After spending some time on the farm, we headed over to the bird sanctuary. There still wasn't a lot going on in terms of interesting birds, but there were lots of the usual suspects around. The sandhill cranes seem to have had a good breeding season, as we counted at least 15 of the big birds, far more than I've ever seen there.