A Visit with Mom and Dad

So far behind... 

Mom and Dad came for a visit a couple of weeks ago, so I need to get some pictures up from their visit. They were going out on an Alaskan cruise with (most of) the rest of the Cartwright family. With the cruise departing from Vancouver, they came out a couple of days early to visit with us, which was nice.

Mom and Dad posing in front of Siwash Rock on the seawall, in Stanley Park.

They arrived Tuesday night, so we only had a bit of time to catch up before it was starting to get late. Wednesday, Justine and I took a bit of time from work to hang out with them. We went for a bit of a drive around Stanley Park, parking in a few locations to go and wander, and catch the sights.

Sea kayaks cruising by Siwash Rock

The close up

After wandering Stanley Park for a while, we headed hoe and met up with Justine. Mom and Dad wanted to see Reifel, so we hopped in my truck and headed down to Delta. We had lunch in Lander, before heading out to the Bird Sanctuary.

The pair of barn swallows were waiting for us to leave, so they could return to their nest.

Sadly, while the weather is nice, this time of year is probably the worst time to go to Reifel. The place is pretty quiet, and the diversity of birds is way down. Still, it was a nice day to walk in the park, and there were some cool things to see.

There were some baby ducks still hanging around...

And they were keeping a close eye on the skies... something had them spooked!

It was a good effort, but flying will probably take some time.

We spent a good couple of hours wandering around. It was actually pretty warm, and while there weren't a lot of birds, there was more than enough to keep us all entertained.

It wasn't all birds. There were some cool insects about as well.

Event he sandhill cranes were feeling lazy.

The rest of the day was pretty relaxed. We came home after doing some shopping, and I made dinner for us to enjoy up on the deck. I tried my best to ruin it, but it turned out OK. Thursday, Justine and I had to work again, so Mom and Dad wandered around the seawall from our place and checked out everything that had changed since their last visit. 

Friday morning we had to pack them up and get them to their ship! Uncle Bob, Aunt Heather, Matthew and Stephanie stopped by for a quick visit on their way in, and we wandered over to Granville Island for a little bit before taking everyone down to the ship. We dropped them off, and sadly I had to head back to work.

The seawall around Stanley Park.

The seawall around Stanley Park.