An Amazing Remembrance Day

After playing hockey on Tuesday morning, I decide to head down to the Reifel bird sanctuary to see what I could find. We have had a few days of cold, sunny days, and I wanted to take advantage of the great weather. As my camera is still not working, I pulled out my old camera body, which I haven't used in years. While it still works, it certainly doesn't function the way I'd like, and the quality of the photos leaves something to be desired. Still, it was good to get out and shoot.

A bald eagle, in the tree right near the front entrance.

Almost as soon as I had passed through the front gates, there were two bald eagles sitting low down in the trees. While it was a sunny day, the wind was pretty intense, so it boded well for many birds being in the trees, where you could see them.

This bald eagle was keeping an eye on me.

Once inside the sanctuary, the great sightings continued, with two different owls, trumpeter swans, snow geese and lots of fun ducks. It was a very good day! As I did still need to work, I didn;t stick around long, and soon was on my way home.

A little saw whet owl, sitting deep in the trees.

There were a number of trumpeter swans in the fields surrounding the sanctuary. 

This barred owl was sitting deep in the trees, totally hidden in shadow. I only managed one decent picture. 

I believe this is a common merganser, but I'm not 100%.

And my favourite of our ducks, the northern pintail.

And my favourite of our ducks, the northern pintail.