Galiano for Canada Day

After a very busy summer of great visitors, it was a nice change of pace for Justine and I to be headed over to the island by ourselves, with a chance to try camping on the property for the first time. It ended up being a very social weekend, and almost all of our neighbors were also up for the first time ever.

When Shawn and Mackenzie were here, they helped us build a platform for our tent. It worked like a charm, and is the ideal size for the massive 8-person tent we put up. We’re going to leave it up for a few weeks and see how it does when we’re not around.

We had taken the late ferry on Friday night, and were up to the property around 9ish. After getting the text set-up, we ended up at one of our neighbors, and were up quite late socializing. Fun night!

We had some great sunsets over the weekend.

The plans for the weekend was all about work - cleaning up the forest around the top of the property, pulling thistles and broom, cutting up downed trees and the like. It was a lot of work, but we made some good progress. Saturday night, our other neighbors invited us for dinner, and we had another fun night getting to know everyone a little better.

On Sunday, we were back at it for another few hours. In the afternoon, we rode our bikes down to the beach at Cable Bay and went for a swim. Such a great spot, and the water was nice. Our neighbor Kris had loaned us a propane mini fire pit, so we set that up and enjoyed the evening until we sucked our propane tank dry.

The sun going down on us Sunday evening.

It was a nice night for a fire.

We had the full day Monday, as we were on the late ferry. It gave us another full day to get a lot more work done. This is going to be a long process.


A bit of our handiwork from the weekend - new piles of brush and broom/thistle.