Galiano Project #1 - Complete!

We headed back over to Galiano Island on Saturday as our first project (of many to come) on our new property was completed, and we want to see the final result. It’s a lot more than we had planned, but the end result was great, and it should last a lifetime.

Spring is finally here, and the blossoms are starting to emerge, much later than normal.

The first major project we tackled on the island was building a utility out building to install out water system, and hook up power for the property. We had planned to start this back at the end of last year, but storms and snow conspired against us, and we only ended up starting on it in late March. Our contractor finished it off last week, so we headed over to the island on Saturday to have a look, and do a bit of work around the property.

The finished product!

The inside, with Justine posing with our 450 gallon holding tank. The water guy suggested this size, to give the water the ability to settle,a nd to provide some back up for our somewhat slow well. Our neighbour went with 4,000 gallons…

In addition to spreading some grass seed over the flattened area, we cut up some more firewood and did some general clean up. Our other little project was to assemble two Muskoka chairs we had bought at Costco.

Justine enjoying the fruits of our labour. They’ll need a coat of stain, but they are comfy!

The final outcome of a good (if rainy) day on the island. The covered area on the left side of the building has already proven to be invaluable.