Christmas Around Vancouver

December was a crazy month for us this year. I suppose it is most years, but this year seemed busier than most. We did have one nice day where Justine and I got to relax and wander around the city, soaking up some of the Christmas spirit.

We started the day downtown, and spent a bunch of time wandering around the German Christmas market. This is a fairly recent thing for Vancouver, and we’ve been the last few years - it’s always fun. We get some mulled wine, have a beer and a pretzel and check out the little booths. It’s good for an afternoon’s wander.

As the night set, we headed over to Olympic VIllage to have dinner with our friend Katie. We took the train home, walking by the festively-lit Canada Place.

Canada Place all lit up

BC Place and Science World - not quite festive colours, but still pretty.