Hubbard Glacier Panos

I’m going to try something a little bit different here. Given that the Hubbard Glacier was the visual highlight of our trip, I’ll devote a few posts to it as I work through the photos. It’s going to take a while, with travel and everything that’s going on. We’ll be back to the main narrative shortly…

With the views on offer today, it made sense to put together some panos of the area. You can click on any of them to expand them.

One of the first views that greeted us that morning was Mount Elias and the surrounding range.

A very wide view of the mountains around Hubbard.

From a few miles out, the Hubbard Glacier at the foot of the mountains.

The captain did an amazing job getting the ship through the tide line, and into the ice to get us close to the glacier.

Hubbard (way inside), some floating ice and the tide line that was holding quite a lot of ice.

As we headed back towards Juneau, Mount Fairweather dominated the views.