A New Home - Sort of...

Justine and I have some exciting info to share with everyone - we recently have completed the purchase of a new piece of property! It became officially ours earlier this week - June 12th to be exact - and we are very excited about what this means for us in the long term. 

As you my have noticed, we’ve spent a little bit of time out on Galiano Island over the past few months. We really liked it, and on our last trip we saw a piece of property we liked and decided that we’d explore making an offer. Much to our surprise things moved very quickly and we ended up purchasing the property much more quickly than we had originally planned.  


A slightly distorted, panoramic view across the property.  

The property is just bare land - no buildings or even infrastructure beyond a drilled (but not hooked up) well. This is an investment for the long term for us, and the eventual plan will to be to try and retire to the island, when the time comes. And that time is going to take a long time to come... 

As you can see from the picture above, the property sits pretty high up on the crest of a ridge, and has pretty amazing views back across the water to Vancouver. We have a panoramic view that encompasses the Sunshine Coast and coast mountains off to the left; Vancouver in the middle; and Mount Baker to the far right. It’s really the view that hooked us.  

The short term plan is to not do much - head over every once in a while to keep an eye on the place and start to formulate some plans. As we free up some cash, maybe we’ll put a small cabin or something there, but that’s still to be figured out.  

A larger view off towards the Sunshine Coast

The property itself is actually quite large (by our standards anyway) at 5 acres. There’s lots of privacy to our neighbors, who we will hopefully meet the next time we head over, now that we actually own the place. It does slope quite steeply, so we will have to be creative in our approach.  

Looking across to Vancouver  

At the bottom of the property, below the trees you can see is a road. Pretty much directly across the road is a short path that leads to the water. So while we don’t have water front (who can afford that?), we do have great views and easy access once we build a trail. 

Our view of Mount Baker

On the other side of the access road to the property is Bodega Ridge Provincial Park, so we have some security that the area around us will remain pristine for a long time to come.

We’re pretty excited about this new adventure, but please don’t expect to be coming to visit any time soon.