Pāʻia - Watching the Surfers and Turtles

Our second last day on Maui was a bit of a quiet one. We drove north, out towards the airport and the big surf beach near Pai'ia. We thought we'd watch the surfers for a bit, before deciding what to do. We parked at the parking lot overlooking the surf break, then walked down to the water to check things out.

The rocky shoreline

The waves seemed pretty good, and there were lots of people out surfing. We watched for a bit from this spot, before heading over to the main beach access.

Walking over to the main beach, we discovered that the one end of the beach was covered in turtles! Justine had head they pull up here, we just weren't expecting ti to be right on the main, super-busy beach!

Some are rocks, some are turtles - from a distance it's hard to tell...

We hung out with the turtles for a bit, before headed back to the car to head into town for a bit of a late lunch. Our timing was good as the weather completely turned on us! As we were trying to find parking, the skies opened up and it was a complete torrential downpour!

We found a good spot to have some lunch, and waste away the afternoon, waiting for the rain to stop.