Kilauea-iki GPS Trails

I haven't forgotten about getting the rest of my posts up on our Hawaii trip, there just hasn't been time. Looking at some photos now, so hopefully I'll get more up shortly. As I started looking at some things, I realized I forgot to grab a screen shot of the hike we did across the crater. It's pretty cool to see on Google Earth, so I thought I'd throw it up here as it's own little binus post.

I did the capture a little zoomed out. You can see the GPS trails of the hike we did to the right, with the little branch off to the Lava Tube. To the left you can see the active crater on Kilauea to the left. 

A closer view of the hike GPS trail through the Kilauea-iki crater.

And a close up of the active crater. No walking across this one...