A Late Start to the Ski Season

This ski season got off to a really good start, with lots of snow early on, and a huge dumping over the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately, we missed out on most of it, and haven't been able to get up to the mountains to ski yet this season. That changed this week, and we got out twice this week - once on the local mountains, and once up to Whistler over the weekend.

The local mountains have had a great start ot the season, and so we decided to warm up our ski legs Wednesday night with a trip up to Cypress Mountain to do some night skiing. Our friend Stuart joined us, and it made for a fun night on the mountain. It was cold (-12 C), but clear, and Cypress provides some great views out over the city from the peak. We got in a good couple hours of skiing in, and had a fun night.

The city is a blanket of lights below the mountain. Cypress at night.

Saturday, we decided to head up to Whistler. Sadly, there hadn't been any new snow all week, but it seemed like a good opportunity to get a day on the mountains, and get the legs into ski form. Normally we're pretty lazy about skiing - we get up early, and tend to leave relatively early. For whatever reason today ended up being different - the mountain wasn't super busy, and we were able to squeeze in a lot of runs. Here's what our day looked like:

Panoramic view of Whistler from the top of Red Chair.

8,300m of vertical and 19 runs made for a big day.

We ended up skiing from 8:30ish until 3 p.m., and we were done after skiing Peak to Creek - from the top of the mountain to the base in one run. It was a pretty great day, and hopefully next time we'll see a bit more fresh snow.

We covered a good part of the terrain on both mountains over a very full day!