Weekend with the Kids

Late again with the posts. So far behind, I'm never going to catch up. We had Ethan and Addison stay with us over the weekend - sleepover time! Tammy dropped them off with us around 1:00 Saturday afternoon, and we had them until about 5:00 Sunday afternoon when we dropped them off at home on the North Shore.

After getting organized, we headed over to BC Place for the Whitecaps game. We took the water taxi over to save the walk, which was great because the weather was awful. The game was fun, and the kids did great.

After the game we came home on the aquabus, and got caught in a downpour as we walked home. We were soaked, so we had some food, then spent an evening doing crafts, colouring and relaxing. It was a fun night. Addison fell asleep on the couch, and eventually we talked Ethan into heading to bed. Justine and Addison slept in the guest bedroom, while Ethan and I slept in our room.

In the morning, we made pancakes and had a reasonably relaxed start to the day. We headed over to the park at Granville Island, and the kids played on the various equipment, and we walked around looking for baby geese and ducks. There were quite a few still around.

A bit later that morning, we had a bit of snack, then hopped in the car to head to Reifel to see the birds. Ethan claimed he wasn't tired, but before long both of them were asleep in the back seat.

We got to Reifel, and it was a pretty nice day. We walked around, and the kids went through 2 bags of bird seed each. It was really fun to watch the feed the ducks, especially when they were brave enough to let them eat from their hands. It was a fun afternoon, and while I didn't exactly get a lot of shots of birds, the kids seemed to have a fun time.

After spending a few hours at Reifel, we made a stop for some food, then drove back to the North Shore to drop the kids off. It was a fun couple of days.