Foo Fighters at Rogers Arena

Friday, Justine texted me during the day to ask if I wanted to go see the Foo Fighters show at Rogers Arena. I've always been a fan - not a huge fan, but no like their stuff. I'd seen them before, and so it seemed like a good idea. Even better, the tickets were free and were in a private box!

Katie, Justine's friend, had a connection that had some extra seats for the show. Hard to say no to free seats with free food and drinks!

We met at the gate to the arena and went up to the show. The seats were pretty good - a straight view into the stage, and there was no problem with the volume!

We arrived as the opening band was wrapping up. We enjoyed a few drinks during intermission, then the big show began. I love seeing bands like this - they're pros, have been doing this forever, and just know how to put on a show!

What was the most entertaining part of the show was the "rock and roll throne". Dave Grohl, the lead singer of the band had busted his leg stage diving at a show a couple of months ago. Not one tone kept down, his lighting guy designed him a throne that he could sit on and play from, that moved in and out along a track on the stage.

The show was great - lots of great music including a totally butchered version of Summer of '69. He got the words completely wrong, but an "A" for effort. It was a fun night.