Day 10 - Beaver Creek to Dawson City

We woke this morning to some pretty good snow coming down. It was kind of crazy, and not what I had been hoping for at the end of August!

Snow coming down outside the Beaver Creek Visitor Centre

Yukon fall colours

We had a quick start to the morning, and before long were on the road. It was a quick trip up to the boarder, and a chatty customs official. We were through quickly, and not long after crossing the boarder we saw our first moose (female) along the side of the road.

The scenery was still quite beautiful as we wound our way west towards Tok Alaska. There wasn't much to say about Tok - we got gas and drove through the town.

The drive from Tok to Chicken Alaska was spectacular. It went towards, then around Mount FairPlay, with the mountain being topped in snow and red of the fireweed and the yellow of the aspens blanketing the slopes of the mountain. We stopped for lunch at the Mount FairPlay Wayside and enjoyed the view.

Snow-capped mountains amid the fall colours.

Looking back on the road we'd travelled.

One of our short rest stops.

A small pond with the fall colours.

The rest of the drive into Chicken was pretty nice, but Chicken itself was a bit of a dud. There's a cool old dredger, the chicken sculpture and some old stores. We stopped for a bit, but it wasn't really needed.

The road from Chicken to the Canadian boarder was another story. It was a windy, mountainous trek, that was rutted with potholes, and there was a constant barrage of traffic coming (mostly) the other way. The road wound its way up and down through the mountains, and afforded us a number of spectacular views. But it was slow going and pretty nerve wracking.



The chicken sculpture, and the old dredger, as the sun came out for a short while.

Uncle Dave coming up behind us on the very curvy roads. We were on the other side of the valley at this point, looking back on him.

More amazing scenery.

Looking down on the valley floor.

We got to the Canadian boarder and back across into the Yukon, and from there drive the Top of the World Highway into Dawson City. I'm having a hard time describing how incredible this drive was. The scenery was spectacular, and the name of the road is an apt description of how you feel as you drive this route. It was utterly spectacular.

Looking up at the border crossing back into the Yukon from Alaska.

Leaving Alaska, back into the Yukon

Leaving Alaska, back into the Yukon

More stunning scenery.

And back into Canada

And back into Canada

Panoramic view from the border crossing

The Top of the World HIghway seems to go on forever.

Photos just don't do the scenery justice, and the weather wasn't helping.

More of the amazing scenery

The ferry we would be taking across the river.

The road eventually took us back down from the mountains into Dawson City. We had to take a ferry across the Yukon River into downtown. It was a bit of a surprise how big the ferry was. We got both RVs plus a bunch of other cars on the ferry.


The trailer on the ferry - a bit of tight fit.

Looks like we'll drive into the river.

yukon gold

Once across, we drove a couple of blocks to the Gold Rush RV Park, which was our stop for the night. It wasn't the nicest RV park, but it was right in town, allowing us to walk. Plus it had full hook ups, which we needed as the next few days of our trip were going to be completely without any services at all. We could make sure the batteries were fully charged, and we were topped up with water.

After getting setup, we walked into the centre of town to get some dinner. Having been here before, Justine was out guide for the night. We went to a Greek restaurant which ended up being pretty good. There was a ton of food and it was quite good.



The Downtown Hotel - home of the Sourtoe Cocktail.

After dinner Justine made us go to the Downtown Hotel, where we joined the Sourtoe Cocktail club. This hotel has this ritual, by which you have to drink a shot with a severed human toe in it. It's supposed to be a toe lost to frost bite, and the toe has to touch your lips when you drink it. Justine, Dave, Dad and I all did it - it wasn't as bad as it seems.

After doing the shot we went over to Diamond Toothed Gerties, the casino in town. They do a show three times a night, and we were in time for the 10:00 show. It was pretty entertaining. After the show, I stayed to play poker while the rest headed home to bed.