Day 6 - Boya Lake to Whitehorse

We made it to the Yukon today!

I was up pretty early this morning to try my luck at fishing again. Sadly, all I caught was a snag that resulted in me having to wade out into the lake to unhook. The water was about the same temperature as the air (4C), and so I decided to go for a quick swim.

I didn't last long, and it took me a long time to warm up! Everyone was up by that point, and so we went about our day getting packed up and on our way.

A beautiful early morning on Boya Lake

We had a nice breakfast, and got the campsite packed up. We had a pretty long day ahead of us (pretty constant theme...) so we needed to leave this spot. I would have liked to stay at this site for longer, it was pretty much perfect. The road was beautiful and we saw another black bear within minutes of getting on the road. This stretch of highway was amazing, and before too long we were at the Yukon border.

The scenery was stunning, and we had a clear, blue day to enjoy.

We really started to see the colour change.

Justine, Mom and Dad on the walkway.

The fall colours were really starting to come out this far north, and as we started heading west again, there were some amazing views over the mountains. We made a number of stops at different viewpoints to take it all in. As we were traveling through the first stretch of the Yukon, Justine remembered a place for us to stop and stretch our legs, called Rancheria Falls Recreation Area. There was a waterfall to check out, and as it turned out, a nice little boardwalk through the trees to the falls.

We walked along the boardwalk and made our way out to the falls. Not too bad - nothing too great, but still pretty nice. It was a beautiful day, so nothing really to complain about. We spent about half an hour probably, enjoying the sunshine and exploring the short path. 

Dad, hanging out on the edge of the river.

Rancheria Falls

Our second stop of the day, and our first lengthy stop was at Teslin, along the massive Teslin Lake. There is a bridge at this point in the road that is 550m long, and is the longest bridge on the Alaska Highway. There was a viewpoint, so we stopped to take some pictures.

The lengthy bridge at Teslin.

On the north side of town, we stopped at the Teslin Lake campground as we had seen an article on a bird observatory in the park. Sadly we missed its opening times, so we couldn't check it out. We had lunch instead, and continued on our way. The campground looked pretty nice, with great views out over the lake.

Continuing northwest, we headed on to Johnsons Crossing. Justine remembered cinnamon buns at the little store here from her previous visit, so we stopped and had one. It was ok - not amazing, but still a nice treat.

View from the bridge at Johnsons Crossing

From Johnsons Crossing it was smooth sailing through more amazing scenery, as we headed into Whitehorse. We were staying at the Hi Country RV Park, just outside of the city centre, and we were meeting Uncle Dave at the site. He and Linda had already been in Whitehorse for a couple of days, and not was nice to see them and catch up.

My first view of Whitehorse, coming into town.

Justine and I left Mom and Dad to catch up, and we did a quick drive into town to get a first look at the city, then headed back south to the Wolf Creek campground, where I had read about being able to see salmon spawning, and some good hiking trails. Sadly neither really worked out, and it ended up not being all that interesting.

Colour on the hills just outside of Whitehorse.

Funky mushrooms on the Wolf Creek trail.

So we headed back to the site, and we had a fun evening sitting around, then having diner at the campsite. It started to get cold, so we headed inside and continued a relaxing, social evening.