Day 1 - Vancouver to Lilloot

Our first day was a pretty easy one (for Justine and I anyways). Mom and Dad picked us up in North Vancouver just after lunch time. They of course had already been driving for four hours from Kamloops! They picked us up out front of Stu and Tammy's place in North Vancouver. It was an easy off-and-then-back-on the highway stop, and allowed us to stop in for a quick visit before we left. We packed up the truck and trailer and were on our way before too long.

In North Van, and off on our big adventure!

In North Van, and off on our big adventure!

We made a short stop in Squamish for lunch, then continued the trip. As you've seen, their trailer is pretty big, and the truck was labouring a little bit as we worked our way up the switchbacks as we got north of Pemberton.

To give the truck a breather, we pulled into Joffre Lakes and did the short stroll down to the first lake. The short walk is well worth it, as the lake is a turquoise jewel set under the mountain peaks. There are also some very friendly grey jays at the first lake that are more than happy to come and take food right from your hands. Hopefully that bodes well for wildlife sightings for the rest of the trip!

After a short rest, we continued up into the mountains. A short while later we made a short stop at Duffey Lake. The lake is quite nice, but the light was all wrong for taking good pictures. One of these days I'm going to go back at the right time of day and get some good pics.

From there, it was a quick drive into Lillooet. Just outside of town there's a BC Hydro dam that has a great view of the river. The brakes on the truck were smoking from the downhill, so we took a short break to let things cool off.

It's a great view from the top of the hydro dam, looking back down the "lake" created in the river.

The first of many self portraits on this trip.

The first of many self portraits on this trip.

This is the last time the truck will look clean.

There's not much to say about Lillooet. We were staying at the Fraser Cove Campground and RV Park, which was situated right on the Fraser. We had a good view of the old bridge, and got to watch ospreys fishing in the river.

The view of the Fraser River from our campsite in Lillooet.

Justine and I got our first lessons on getting setup at "camp" for the night. Camp chairs and a drink first, then getting everything set up. It's a good process.

We made dinner and had a relaxing evening before getting off to bed.