Tokyo in Photos

I'm going to go into the Tokyo post in a little more detail, as I don't think I covered it off as well as I should have in the posts I've done already. I took quite a few photos, and I want to put some of them up here.

One of the first places we went was Asakusa. Asakusa's main attraction is Sensoji, a very popular Buddhist temple, built in the 7th century. The temple is approached via the Nakamise, a shopping street that has been providing temple visitors with a variety of traditional, local snacks and tourist souvenirs for centuries. Nakamise is very touristy - lots of stores selling chopsticks, samurai swords and other trinkets.

There is a gate at the head of the Nakamise. Very traditional looking, and a great spot for a photo opp. There were lots of people taking pictures around the gate.

We spent a couple of hours checking out the gate, the Nakamise and the temple. It's a great look back at what Tokyo was like in the past, and it was a great spot to pick up some souvenirs from Tokyo. Although it was cold and windy, it was a good start to the trip to Tokyo.

Crowds on the Nakamise ay night.

Sensoji, the main temple. Just beautiful.

There were lots of very cool chopsticks to chose from.

There were lots of very cool chopsticks to chose from.

My hotel was right next to the Tokyo Tower, which made for some good photo opps. The light this day was really nice.

We made it to the Tokyo Fish Market a couple of times. It was crazy busy, but we managed to find some great sushi.

On the Saturday, we took the train out to Kamakura in the Kanagawa Prefecture. Kamakura is a bit of a beach town, and is also the location of a number of very famous Buddhist temples. We packed a lot it - a trip to the beach (despite it being winter), a couple of great temples, and a short hike up in the hills, which afforded some great views.

One of the small outbuildings at the Hasedera Temple

There was also a pretty big temple right next to our hotel. I didn't actually check it out until our last morning.

I was still in half marathon training mode, so I had to do a long run on the Sunday morning. I did a couple of loops around the Imperial Palace, which is quite amazing. After the run, we had a bit of time before heading to the airport, so I walked back up and wandered around taking some pictures. We got really lucky with the weather, as you can see.

A view of the Imperial Palace