A Visit to Toulouse

With my new job at Sierra Wireless, I have a team of people I will be working with that are based in Toulouse France. I spent this week in the Toulouse office getting to know that team, and getting a huge data dump on my new products.

I flew out Sunday night, and it took until late Monday night local time to arrive in Toulouse, after connecting through London. We were staying in the centre of town, close to the train station.

They were setting up a Christmas Market in the main square. Sadly, it didn't open until after we left.

The local office is about 20 minutes south of the city, and we took the train back and forth each day. It worked quite well. I was travelling with my new boss Bryan and Riley, our VP of Engineering. It ended up being a fun trip.

A view down the river.

I didn't really get to see much of Toulouse, other than when we went out for dinner each night. It ended up being long days, starting early and working late.

I was in the office through Thursday, and was travelling home on the Friday. My flight was late morning, which gave me a little bit of time in the morning to wander the city, and check it out.

I ended up walking for a couple of hours, and covered just a bit more than 5 km. I focused on the area near the Garonne River. The city seems nice, and I'll be happy to go back and explore some more.