A Busy First Day in Tokyo

Just as a note, I'm writing most of these posts on my iPhone to capture as much as I can as the trip progresses. I'll add any photos I have on my phone, and come back to edit the posts once I get home.

 The Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower

The good news was that I managed to sleep through the night on our first night! I did wake up about 2:00 am, but managed to get back to sleep, and slept all the way to 6:30. So that bodes well for adjusting to the time here.

We had breakfast at the hotel, then got ready for the first meeting of the trip. The meeting was being gel at the partners office a few blocks from the hotel. We walked over a little earlier to make sure we would be on time.

The meeting ran a little more than two hours and was very productive. We covered a lot of ground and managed to get a lot of their questions answered. It was a good start to the trip. On the way back from the meeting we walked by the Tokyo Tower and got a bit of a closer look. Pretty cool.

I needed to get a run in, so I left Cyprien to his own devices and went out for a quick 5 km run. Running in the city is tough with all the stops for lights but it did lead me through this beautiful little park. It would have been really nice in the spring or summer.


After my run we headed over to the famous Tokyo fish market to have down lunch and hopefully check out the place. As it turned out we wet too late in the day and almost everything was done and closed up.

 Shrine near the fish market

Shrine near the fish market

We did find an interesting little shrine,and after wandering a bit, found a local place that was still serving lunch. It was an interesting experience as you had to pick your meal from a vending machine, which gave to a ticket that you have to the person in the restaurant. An odd system.

The food was excellent again and the overall experience was a fun one. After lunch we headed back into the subway and went up to Asakusa. There is a series of ornamental gates (Kaminarimon - Kaminarimon Gate) and a really large temple (Sensoji Temple) as well as an interesting shopping street (Nakamise) and arcade. The sun was going down, and the wind was picking up, but the place was incredibly beautiful and I'm glad we went to see it.


After a quick stop at the hotel we went over to another area of town, Roppongi. This was a much more happening part of town. There was a lot going on, and we wandered about and enjoyed the energy of the place. Eventually after wandering some of the small back alleys we found this great brew pub that was serving craft beer. Scottish craft beer, but it was tasty. We had a few drinks, some dinner, and chatted with some guys from Montreal that happened to get seated next to us.

It was a good end to the evening and before long we headed back to the hotel and called it a night.