I Have a New Home!

After three weeks in the corporate apartment, I have a new home! My new address in London is:

116 North Block
5 Chicheley Street
London England

I officially moved into the new flat yesterday. I picked up the keys in the morning, and today I'm moving all my stuff over from the apartment in Woking. While I was there yesterday, I took some pictures of the very empty flat. I think there's going to be a trip to Ikea in the near future...

A view of my new home in London. My apartment is the one that you can see at the top left, with the windows in the roof. Just steps outside my front door is the London Eye and the South Bank area of London. If you click to enlarge the image, you can see the railing of the very small outdoor area that the apartment has. No view, but some outdoor space anyway.

The apartment is near Waterloo Station, in the heart of central London. The nice thing about Waterloo is that it's both a Tube (Underground) and Train station.

That makes it very convenient for me to get many different places. It will be about a 25 minute train ride from Waterloo, to our offices in Woking. Not a bad commute, and I do not plan on going into the office daily. More details as I have them...



So I went to Edmonton today. Actually I went to Ikea, but Ikea is in Edmonton, on the northern edge of the city. There's so many examples of things like that which happen here. After a while I'm sure I won't even notice, but right now I still find it disproportionately amusing.