I spent the weekend of the 17th in Calgary, visiting with my Uncle Bob, Aunt Heather and my cousin Mathew. I had not seen the whole family together in a very long time, and so this weekend was a good opportunity to get caught up, relax and hang out. 

After the ridiculous weather in Ottawa the weekend before, Calgary was blessedly mild. I arrived Saturday morning, and we headed back to their place to relax for the afternoon. Saturday evening, we went off to visit with my Uncle Brian and Aunt Ann, and hung out with them at their place for the evening. It was really nice to seen everyone again, and get caught up.

Sunday, I got a bit of a tour around Calgary. It's shocking how much it has grown - mostly out. The city sprawls for a long way. We went up the Calgary Tower, to get the bird eye view, which just confirmed how far everything sprawls, in all directions. It was a very nice, clear, sunny day, so the views were amazing. All the way out to the Rockies.

It was a pretty low-key weekend, which was exactly what I needed after the insanity of the previous few weeks.