Vancouver's Spring Blossoms

The spring can be a real crapshoot here in Vancouver. We're fortunately in that it's usually mild, and the flowers all bloom early. The downside is that it's usually raining and grey, and we cannot really appreciate the colour, The past week or so we've been very fortunately to have some great weather coincide with the burst of colour that comes with the start of spring.

The trees are in full bloom, and we've had an amazing week of great weather. The view to downtown taken not far from the site of our new townhouse.

The start of spring brings the cherry trees into bloom, and every year I'm amazed by the colour that appears all around the city. The area around us has a lot of cherry trees, and so this weekend Justine and I went out for a couple of long walks to enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the flowers and trees in bloom and just basically take advantage of the amazing start to the spring.

Cherry blossoms, close up.

Cherry blossoms, close up.

Of course, it's not just the trees that are in bloom. We've already seen the crocuses come and go, and now the daffodils are here, and the tulips are coming.


At the end of our street, there's an old armoury (still in use) that has a massive cherry tree out front. We spent a bit of time trying to do the scene some justice, but it never really worked out.

The armoury makes a great backdrop for the cherry trees in full bloom.

The armoury makes a great backdrop for the cherry trees in full bloom.


All along 6th Avenue, and not far from our new place, is a set of buildings that have the most amazing magnolia trees out front. There are four or five different types, all with amazing blossoms, in different shapes, sizes and colours.

The vivid pink magnolias were my favourites.

White magnolia flowers.

White magnolia flowers.

when focused in close, the flowers become almost abstract.

201303 Blossoms 70.jpg

Of course, there were plenty of other flowers out in full bloom... and one interesting piece of street art.